Windows 10 computers that do not yet have the last update in the program, launched in November, will be updated automatically. According to Microsoft , this automatic update will happen because the November version of Windows 10 has some critical security updates. And for the operation of the operating system, it is important that all users have the update installed on their machines.

Another important reason for doing this update is that Windows 10 version 1809 will only continue to receive security updates until May 12, 2020, after which users will need to update the Windows version to 1909 (the one made available in November) to continue receiving these improvements. They will fix system vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers to break into your computer and steal your data.

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Automatically updating all machines which use windows 10

Thus, this “forced update” process is a way for Microsoft to ensure that computers continue to receive all updates from the company, as there are many users who do not update their machines because they do not know the importance of this function. And this is not the first time the company has done this: last month, it started automatically updating all machines that still used Windows 10 version 1803 (which was released in April) for the same reason.

The biggest difference from what happened last month to what is happening now is that, at the time, users could choose the best time to perform this update, and in this current “forced update”, Windows is simply installing the new version without ask you if you should do this now or not, which can cause some discomfort with users. One way to circumvent this is to enter the Windows Update settings menu (located in the Update & Security menu), choose the option “Pause updates for seven days and then click on“ Advanced options ”and select the date you want. wants the update to happen.

Interesting Feature windows 10

In the Windows Update menu, you can choose to pause updates and then click on “advanced options”  Within the Advanced Options, it is possible to choose the most interesting date for the update to But, if you use this technique, mark the scheduled date well, because when you get there, as soon as you turn on your computer, you will be forced to update Windows, and you will not have time to pause again before the update is completed. At this time or in the next few days you should receive a notification to install a major Windows 10 update. We have separated a summary of the new features and settings that you can use after installing this version.

Light mode

Windows 10 has a new clear theme. Once activated, all system menus will be mostly white. To switch between light and dark themes, open Windows Settings, then choose Personalization , Colors and choose your preferred one. The default wallpaper has been changed to better match the new color scheme.

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